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ponti // mosty


"to plunge the mind a metre underground and infest the soul"


 The exhibition is an attempt at a trip to another world. The engravings that have unlocked the artist's imagination are imprints of actual acts and people that the authors of the exhibition have tried to create with their imagination. These engravings are located in the Valcamonica Valley in northern Italy (UNESCO-protected sites - Parco Nazionale Delle Incisioni Rupesti, Parco Luine, Parco Nadro, and others). It is a special place at the foot of the Alps, neither flat nor mountains, a kind of in-between world. Some engravings are estimated to be up to 30,000 years old.


The stretch of history covered by the exhibition is itself so obscure that we decided not to leave the interpretation to academics alone; we used an age-old tool for time travel - imagination and playfulness. The complex and rich world of the shaman is obviously entirely fictitious and is intended to encourage the viewer to seek out their own imaginings that these images evoke. in other words, we are presenting such an utterly blatant but vivid lie that it would be surprising if any of the viewers did not wonder what the real story behind the images might be.

Another guest of the exhibition is the photographer and poet Zuzana Lazarová, whose surrealistic work takes us into a strange fantasy world through photomontages.

The ponti // mosty project is based on the goals of the third // space platform - to enable visitors to participate actively and experience the exhibition as fully as possible through various tools. In the case of this exhibition, the artists confront the viewer, while he is agitated by the dense atmosphere of the exhibition, with his own image immersed in this imaginative world.



Lukáš Prokůpek, Aneta Fodorová

direction, script and DOP

Lukáš Prokůpek

dramaturgy a set sound

Aneta Fodorová

music a sounddesign

Roberto Rettura


Jiří Kniha


Ewa Zurakowska, Jiří Kniha, Lucio Dei Bèk Avanzini, Roberto Rettura

lightdesign a technical support

Michal Hor

acting in the film material

Jiří Kniha, Lucia Piussi, Zuzana Lazarová, Aneta Fodorová

production assistant

Simona Rozložníková, Anna Lupienská


Lucio Avanzini, Paolo Rondini, Cinzia Bontempi, Emilio Visconti


Bára Žižková, Aneta Fodorová

thanks to

Dan Tesař, Dominik Dolejší, Vojtěch Kubeček, Martin Krupa, Tomáš Bojar


exhibition guest

Zuzana Lazarová


The visual and musical materials for the installation were prepared during a three-week stay in the area in collaboration with the Bienno Borgo Artisti 2.0 residential center.


The project is funded by the National Regeneration Plan, a year-long grant from the City of Prague and the Municipality of Prague 5. It is being developed in collaboration with Borgo degli Artisti, Bienno, Italy.

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