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martina dobiášová

artistic director

He works in the position of author and director. Its domain is the author's theatrical work and the growth of dramatic forms into other genres. As a lecturer in drama studios, she has the opportunity to explore the possibilities of directing actors of various ages and professionalism and to develop tools for obtaining an authentic statement. In his work, he emphasizes the methods of working with the body, the voice and the immediate experience in general, which he is constantly developing. She profiles herself as a performer, especially in interventions in public or gallery space. She has long been interested in the topic of universal stories and mythology, which she has portrayed in several solo projects.

aneta fodorová

artistic director

She has been working in the field of art as a playwright and author since 2016. In addition to working with the Chemical Theater or the Spitfire Company, she is primarily involved in authorial work.

In 2019, her film screenplay Film for Witnesses and the short documentary Una Piccola Storia were made. Since 2018, she has been working as a playwright for Effetto Larsen for the "Pop up Civilization" project. This project also paved the way for the participatory art she is currently working on within the third // space platform. It deals with the liberation and empowerment of spectators. Since 2021, he has also been developing the principles and methods of working third / space in the framework of doctoral studies with students of the Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague. 


žofie blechová


She has been involved in theater since she was 14 years old, when she became a member of the drama ensemble of the Trnka Private Elementary School of Art in Pilsen, with which she won several awards over the course of five years. Thanks to the ensemble's participation in theater festivals, she went through several workshops, which provided her with a variety of knowledge

and skills and also directed her to the development of her own authorial work. After a year of studying theater production in Brno, she decided to study at the Faculty of Arts in Pilsen, which provides her with the background and space to devote herself to artistic creation.

In 2018, she collaborated on the Czech Radio radio play. He has been cooperating with the platform since 2019

third // space mainly as a performer. In 2020, she played the main character of the film "nov", in the form of which she also participated in introspective research. He continues to explore the possibilities of authorial work within the platform and on the "nomo" project.

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