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third // space is a multi-genre art platform focusing on participatory art forms, especially the creation of productions / installations with a high degree of active involvement of visitors.

The platform combines elements of theater, performance and other forms of contemporary art (visual, acoustic, etc.). The aim is to create a so-called "third space" for the widest possible audience.

The experience gained in the field of artistic creation is further transformed in educational self-experience programs.

Collaborating artists

Aneta Fodorová, Martina Dobiášová, Michal Hor Horáček, Petra Vlachynská, Jana Hauskrechtová, Juliana Höschlová, Martin Tvrdý, Mary C, Marta Vítů, Matěj Sýkora, Jiří Kniha, Michal Kindernay and others

Collaborating institutions and organizations

 #ostblok, Nová síť, PaNaMo, H40 Art & Digital Lab, Synth Library, Effetto Larsen, Nový prostor, ZUŠ Kolín, Galerie Výtoň, SE.S.TA Center for Choreographic Development, Krajinou přílivu, Studio Paměť and others

The name of the platform refers to a term coined by the British psychoanalyst D.W. Winnicott. It denotes the space that arises between intrapsychic, ie subjective reality and shared reality. According to Winnicott, it is as real and true as the two spaces between which it extends.

D.W. Winnicott let his pediatric and adult patients enter this space observing how they how they behave in it.

We believe that this type of space also arises outside the walls of the therapeutic relationship and can also arise "where" a person is invited to an event, to a game. We understand the third space as a space between the mental state of the individual and external reality. We examine its "overflow" into reality, or its physical or external imprints in the space of shared reality. We assume it is possible to be in the third space not only alone, but also in two, in three or in a larger group. This space is ludic. 

We are interested in the relationship between game and the third space.

As part of the study of the third space, we create methods that help "spectators" or rather participants of our installations/performances to enter the third space more easily and then understand that they shape it themselves.

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