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As part of artistic work, third // space leaves the definition of genres and boxes, transcends into free space, both for creators and audience. Art is understood as a process and a space, not as 

a product.

The audience is always invited to the process of creating the final shape itself from the very beginning, building a free space together with the creators and thus experiencing their own liberation from the "spectator's cage". The space arising from the joint work is constantly changing, each performance is a premiere in a strong sense and the projects live on new and new stimuli of the spectators who enter the space.  

The main goal of the project is to discover ways to invite other creators and audiences to co-create a safe and at the same time free space, in which everyone can leave and take what they need.  

The inherent topics of freedom, security, empowerment are projected through the study of  mythologies of different parts of the world and the connection of the wisdom of ancient nations to the contemporary world and the narratives of modern humanities and sciences.

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