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res --- possibility

Can you create a pleasant and sustainable living space for yourself and others? 

What if others want something other than you?

Take the space and use it for yourself. 

Use it for others. 

At the expense of yourself?

Do you think it's easy? 

Are you afraid of that?

If you don't like it, will you do it better?

Try it in a safe area. 

You have the possibility.  

Common goal?


Quiet zone or action?

What do you think?

And you? And others? 

Where do we go together in 30 minutes?

Where will festival goers go in 4 days? 

And where will the company go in 4 years?

What can we get from the space of shared excitation? Are we missing something in such a space? Is control always related to a sense of responsibility? Can we create the world and at the same time be a part of it? What can we experience only when we are alone and what only with others?  


The aim of the installation is to provide participants with a conscious experience of two basic human states - loneliness and coexistence. The way to this experience is to invite the participants to the space of the performative area and two closed cubicles, in which there is an easily controllable light and sound counter. Participants are invited to control the sound and light on the performative area, but only if they are alone in the cubicle. Participants can experience the effects of sounds and lights on the performative area in conjunction with other participants, but they also experience a sense of responsibility for tuning the performative area if they decide to spend some time behind the control panels.

premiere: 16.9. 17:00, 4 + 4 days in motion

powered by third // space & #ostblok

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