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depths of the baroque

In 1913, Alois Jirásek wrote the novel "Darkness", can children help Jirásek to explore Baroque? Was it really as dark as Jirásek thought?

Pupils discover various corners of Baroque architecture, fine arts and ordinary life, working in groups and visual and textual material. Everyone expresses their impression of the Baroque for themselves when they write to Jirásek how they see the Baroque.


program length

4 lessons

minimum age

10 years


1 school class

target knowledge specific

basic overview of baroque architecture, literature, language, sculpture and painting

general target knowledge

insight into the historical conditionality of the interpretation of history, the principle of elite mobility

target skills

organization and cooperation in a group, constructive criticism, ability to abstract, ability to listen, ability to form and defend one's own opinion, ability to distinguish between opinions and facts

the technical requirements

blackboard, class with the possibility of arranging in benches to the centers


200 / pupil

"I liked the way we wrote the letter to Lojza."

"It was great, especially how we had to watch the candle."

"I hope Jirásek doesn't see the Baroque so darkly anymore."

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