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The online program for the primary prevention of the socially pathological phenomenon of nomophobia invites all participants to a slightly different meeting online. Thanks to smartphones, each of us has the power to create our own world, to be connected to everyone he wants in it, to gain access to any information with one touch. Being online is as obvious to us as breathing.

The topic of nomophobia (or the fear of losing touch with the world via a smartphone) is still new to us. However, this is a serious - and almost unexplored - social phenomenon, the importance of which is constantly growing with the growing influence of new technologies, but also with the growing influence of social networks and Web 2.0. Especially at a time when we are all much more dependent on online connections than before, we need to work together and share ways to set up a healthy relationship with our phones.

We connect to find out what it's like to be online, not be online, or even not be able to be online.

We will examine our relationship with the phone and together we will look for ways to help ourselves or others who do not have a healthy relationship with it .

program length

90 minutes

necessary equipment

computer / phone / tablet with functional camera connection  and microphone


10 - 20 participants

minimum age

11 years


250 / pupil

The program runs using the zoom conference platform.

"Excellent. It was nice to talk to someone about it. ”

"I learned a lot and at the same time saw my mobile addiction from a completely different angle."

"Thanks to me, I realized that I have a big problem ... I've been trying not to spend so much time on my mobile or PC lately, and I'd say I'm feeling better. Instead, I'm with family or reading. ”

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