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place online

In the end, everything is virtual

The main thing takes place in our body, in our head

In U.S

Moments of security and freedom


Site Online is a spinoff participatory site installation project that has been operating since

2019. Finding an answer to whether it is possible to mediate the experience of physical presence

in an online installation, the pandemic situation and the involvement of the platform guided

third // space to the Art & Digital Lab incubation program.

With the help of the zoom communication platform and the web environment, free space is created in

virtual world, which can be converted to physical form thanks to 3D printing technology.

In the online site we meet an old Chinese jigsaw puzzle tangram, which - similar to

other elements - refers to the original live installation site.


As a result, an indefinite meeting in an online place with the authors offers a completely different and yet somewhat identical experience. The tangram is placed in a white square, the playing field is determined by the boundaries of the known world. The tools with which we shape our world are also predetermined, but at the same time completely free. We each determine the surface, color and location of the pieces of our jigsaw puzzle.


What we experience in the place is thematization.


technical and conceptual cooperation 

web environment 

technical realization and printing 

Aneta Fodorová and Martina Dobiášová

Adam Keil and Jiří Surynek

Jiří Surynek, Tomáš Lištiak, Tomáš Váhala 

Adam Keil and Lukáš Dřevjaný 

The project was created as part of an incubation at Art & Digital Lab H40.

Many thanks to Adam Keil and Jiří Surynek for their continued support

a place online could not be created.

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