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meme to change

The workshop takes the form of a joint brainstorming session on the "essence" of 2021. What does it describe this year? What are we going through this year? What would we say to our children in 30 years' time? With our help, participants formulate the essence of a given calendar year. What do we like about this year, about this historical situation and what do we not like about it?

The participants are divided into groups of four to five. The task of each group is to create a meme that would capture some of the topics offered. We will first explain to the students (or they themselves will explain so that everyone understands) what a meme is and what it serves, how it works and how it can be created. The last part is devoted to the presentation of memes that participants send to our email. We then project these memes and discuss them.

The issue of an environmental crisis, sometimes a political crisis, almost always appears in our memes. That is why we are raising such an important question during this reflection with the pupils: what about that? What can we here, ten, fifteen, thirty, do with this situation?


program length

3 lessons

minimum age

10 years


1 school class

target skills

critical thinking, problem solving, cooperation, presentation, anticipation, sense of responsibility

the technical requirements

school classroom with the possibility of creating work centers, good wifi connection that can be shared with students (if the school does not have it, please provide this information so we can provide your own connection), the advantage is the projector (which, however, we can also provide )


200 / pupil

"It was great, making memes was fun."

"I'd go again right now."

"I'd still like to make memes."


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