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This is a passage from history to the future, as all processes perceived by a human mind happen on a familiar timeline. Forward. Towards. We are constantly leaving the past to enter the future. 


As Czech hedgehogs remind us, to enter a better future we need to leave all vehicles behind and walk on our own. All violence, all heavy weapons have to be left behind. We are invited to walk into the future lighter, yet conscious of our past with every step we take towards the border. A border marked by the stars of light and sound. 


How do we feel when we approach the border? What happens when we get close to the object marking the border? What if we have gotten so close we cannot retreat? What borderlines have we crossed as individuals that once changed our lives forever? And as humanity…?


How did these objects find its way to existence? Where do they come from, what have they meant?


How did the concept of borders occur? What do we gain and lose when we mark territories, define terms and divide what is ours and what is not? 


Have we crossed the demarcation line towards another mass extinction?


When did the concept of the basic body-soul division become the paradigm for how we distinguish ourselves from the rest of the world? Is there another paradigm that does not know about the existence of this border?

Project is supported by Nová síď z. s., Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Fonds EHP a Magistrát hl. m. Prahy and was created during a residency in Surnadal Billag, a.s., Norway. 


technical support


Aneta Fodorová & Michal HōR

Martin Krupa

Martin Tvrdý & Jiří Lukeš 

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