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We invite everyone to a feast. A long-drawn broth of fear and strength and courage is to be served. Accept and share. We all have to add a little bit of our own fear into the pot,  a little bit of our beliefs, and before we know what we've been throwing in there,  we the ones inside the pot. Naked. In the dark. In silence.  

The project is loosely inspired by Ondřej Pivoda's book The Fox Woman: Myths and Legends of the Siberian  Nations (Dauphin, 2018). Siberia is critically affected by current ecological issues, such as the drastic transformation of the landscape and the extinction of species, but also human cultures. Some are looking for a solution to the current global crisis in political or environmental  activism. The creators of this project however decided to search answers at the roots - in the original myths of natural nations and verbal traditions that lead deep beneath the surface of the rational.


"The beginning was difficult for me, I don't know if I see badly or no one saw anything (but great praise for the original canvas, although I don't know what was on it) The court was strong and very depressing, knowing how much we take and how little we give - most original But in the corners of the girls with the house and the microphone, I realized how my life, with little worries, is actually absolutely carefree and full. You can share Family, love and friendship ... And I'm glad my life isn't empty And that I'm still thinking about everything I just let the table with the blender lie there I'm just sorry I wasn't closer so that the glitter could reach me . "

- participants




artistic supervision

set design

costume design

artistic consultation

sound design

AV processing 


graphic Design



technical assistance

Martina Dobiášová and Aneta Fodorová

Martina Dobiášová 

 Aneta Fodorová

Vojtěch Bárta 

Jana Hauskrechtová, Michal Kindernay, Matěj Sýkora

Jana Hauskrechtová, Matěj Sýkora, Adequate stuff

Juliana Höschlová

Michal Kindernay

Dominik Žižka and Michal Kindernay

Žofie Blechová, Jana Hauskrechtová, Marta Vítů 

Rozálie Vašíčková

Veronika Poslední 

Barbora Fremlová

Vojtěch Nebeský

The project was created thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the State Fund for Culture of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Chemical Theater. We thank the organization Nová síť for supporting and providing space for testing, the organization SE.S.TA - Center for Choreographic Development for enabling a residency and Ondřej Hála for professional consultation. Many thanks to the Krajinou přílivu Association and to Václav Špale for all their support and the opportunity to work in Libeňská synagoga.

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