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The new project invites everyone to  banquet. A long-drawn broth of fear, strength, will be served  and  courage. Adoption and  sharing. We all have to throw a little bit of our fear into the pot,  a little of your beliefs and  before we realize what we threw there,  we cook whole. Naked. In the dark. IN  silence.   


The project is loosely inspired by Ondřej Pivoda 's book The Fox Woman: Myths and  Siberian legends  Nations (Dauphin, 2018). Siberia is critically affected by current environmental issues such as the drastic transformation of the landscape and  extinction of species, but also  human cultures. Current  the company is looking for a solution to the current global crisis in  political or environmental  activism. The creators of the nov project decided to look for answers from  roots - v  original  myths of natural nations and  verbal traditions that can lead us deep beneath the surface of the rational.  


Authors: Martina Dobiášová - Aneta Fodorová 

loosely based on the book Fox Woman: Myths and  legends of the Siberian peoples Ondřej Pivoda 

Director: Martina Dobiášová  

Dramaturgy: Aneta Fodorová  

Directing and  Dramaturgical supervision: Vojtěch Bárta 

Scenography a  costumes: Matěj Sýkora, Jana Hauskrechtová et al.

Expert consultation: Juliana Höschlová 

Sound: Michal Kindernay  

Audiovisual processing: Michal Kindernay, Dominik Žižka 

Graphics: Rozálie Vašíčková 

Photo: Veronika Poslední 

Production: Barbora Fremlová  

Cast: Žofie Blechová, Jana Hauskrechtová, Marta Vítů  


Premiere September 25, 2020 / 20.00 

in  Libeň Synagogue in Palmovka  


The project was created thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and  State Fund for Culture of the Czech Republic.  The year-round activities of the Chemical Theater are supported by a grant from the City Hall  of the city of Prague. We also thank the New Network for their support and  providing space for  testing. 



Enter if you want. 

Rest if you want. 

Feel free to do anything. 

Just do what you want and get as much as you want and need.  


The participatory project was created in 2019 in order to find tools for engaging the audience in the creative process. During the creation, we collaborated with various social groups, from the sellers of Nový prostor to high school students. The current form of the project was created at the residence covered by the SE.S.TA Choreographic Development Center at Žďár nad Sázavou Castle. Part of the project

there is also documentation and archiving of the transformation of the space and the imprints of the participants in the form of authorized statements, whether verbal or visual.


"I lowered the foil from the window, I wanted to enlarge the space. I wanted the plastic bags to rustle

the room breathed. "


"I was looking for the best angle to look at."



dramaturgical conception and direction: Martina Dobiášová, Aneta Fodorová 

Set & light design: Michal Kindernay 

Cast: Žofie Blechová, Jiří Kniha, Jan Holík  


It's quiet. Optical mushrooms are silent. The ripple of radiation stopped. Point zero. Quarantine upside down. Hi touch, smell, taste. Hi my body. Time is taking on a new dimension. 

Nobody warned me. I'm cold. I want to warm up on the hot surface of a flowing phone. Blue light, cocaine in my eyes. Empty hands. There is no unshared reality. Eternal plane. Experience your own online funeral where no one is at it. I don't want to witness the human big bang. I'm the only witness. The only witness convicted of inability to survive without the spider's mother net.  


A multimedia installation with performative elements (Blechová, Kniha) represents a space in which all forms of connection with the surrounding world are disrupted using modern technologies. It is a place where we are alone. We don't know how long it will take or what will happen here. 

Blechová and Kniha are the only ones in this area who have "been" here. Their acting actions are based on thorough research and acting preparation and their own contact with the topic of losing touch (whether with the world or with oneself)  


Tools became part of man with the invention of flint. The expansion of human thought and effort into the world around us has been going on for at least two hundred thousand years. But the material also penetrates us. To human bodies in the form of artificial joints, various chips or drains, and to human minds in the form of radiation, electromagnetic waves, and dependence on the conquests we have made. It is said that man is human through technology. Homo technicus. Thanks to the development of technology, ie science, one gets to know the world and oneself. Part of this knowledge is also one's own self-reflection.  


In the NOMO project (from English Nomophobia - dependence on mobile phones and mobile connections), it reflects the extent and nature of our connection to this technology. He works with the premise that addiction (whatever) brings a loss of freedom.

Does not evaluate, shows. The installation creates a reflective layer of our relationship with the screen. He asks how one would feel if he didn't have it. How does this condition look like? He asks what this symbiosis gives us and what it takes from us and to what extent we are aware of this trade. 



Multimedia participatory installation


What can we get from the space of shared excitation? Are we missing something in such a space? Is control always related to a sense of responsibility? Can we create the world and at the same time be a part of it? What can we experience only when we are alone and what only with others?  


The aim of the installation is to provide participants with a conscious experience of two basic human states - loneliness and coexistence. The way to this experience is to invite the participants to the space of the performative area and two closed cubicles, in which there is an easy-to-use light and sound counter. Participants are invited to control the sound and light on the performative area, but only if they are alone in the cubicle. Participants can experience the effects of sounds and lights on the performative area in conjunction with other participants, but they also experience a sense of responsibility for tuning the performative area if they decide to spend some time behind the control panels.  


The output of the installation will be a web page where data will be automatically sent showing the reactions of the participants to light and sound changes. If the participants are interested, it will also be possible to find their experience with the space on the website in a form of their choice.  


concept and direction: Aneta Fodorová 

lightdesign: Michal Hor Horacek 

sounddesign: Roberto Rettura 

third // space & Effetto Larsen

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